August 2012

Our Earthbag Barn Part 9

so the other day we framed out the doors and installed headers on our earthbag barn. Construction speed really picked up now that the bags were [...]

Our Earthbag Barn Part 8

So after a week the rain stopped and we were able to get back to work on our earthbag barn, so I proceeded to screw down the rest of the wire on the bottom of the far [...]

Gun safe options

Here are some gun safe options we have used over the years. Many years ago when my wife and I first got married my in laws bought me a stack on gun safe, very similar to this [...]

Our Earthbag Barn Part 7

So we started filling the bags the other day for our earthbag barn. I wanted to try and get another two courses up. This was starting to drag on and on and on and on [...]