.223 Whistle


Above is a great little project for using a spent casing to make a .223 whistle that would be a great addition to your field kit. Being able to issue or respond to distress signals is the main reason for having a whistle on you at all times. Sure you can find cheap plastic ones online but building your own is much cooler and sure to be a conversation starter.

Materials Needed.

  • .223 casing
  • .22 casing
  • Small piece of brass
  • 1/4 inch triangle file
  • Soldering Kit

For those that have an issue viewing youtube videos; provides a great tutorial as seen below.

Mark your casing

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File with the leading edge at a 90 degree angle

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File till the back edge is even with the casing surface

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Cut the primer end off the .22 casing

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Cover half the opening of .22 with brass scrap

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Solder the brass piece and the .22 together

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Trim off the excess material

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Insert the prepped .22 into the .223 casing

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Solder in place and polish your new .223 whistle

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That’s all there is to making your own .223 whistle. How cool is that? If someone was motivated enough this would be a great addition to an etsy store for extra income. If you like this project, you’ll love the Alpha Opener that one of my good friends makes below. Stay safe in the woods!

The Polished Alpha Opener

Here is the Polished version of the Alpha Opener!  

Only the baddest opener that you’ll ever see!! The original Alpha Opener is the manliest way to open a bottle without using your teeth. You need to buy two, because your’s will magically grow legs when your beer drinking buddies see it! Plus, it’s the only SAFE way to mix booze and firearms!

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