Wednesday, May 27, 2020

A solar pizza oven

Ever want to make a solar pizza oven? Who doesn't love pizza? Pizza is as American as apple pie in my opinion. Pizza is also very energy intensive. Trust me I know, I use to...

Cooking With A Tire

Cooking with a tire? What is this madness! Have you seen the price of food lately? Have you seen the price of the fuel needed to cook that food lately? That is pure madness if you...

The Homebrewed Homesteading Podcast: Episode 5

In this weeks homesteading podcast we talk with Jeremy who owns and the charity We spend the first 40 minutes talking about making , using bio-diesel and  also touch on concerns and issues that...

Solar Electric Fence for pigs part 2

So I hooked up the solar electric fence for pigs on friday, let the shocking begin! (just kidding PETA). This is the solar fence charger we had bought last year. and ran the electric tape...

Solar electric fence

I decided to install a solar electric fence after the pigs got settled in their new home. I wanted to close off part of our back field to let them pasture some and give...