How To Build A Black Fly Composter


Here is how to build a black fly composter from The McClung Family. If you watched the first couple seasons of Doomsday Preppers you will recognize the McClung’s and the great set up of their pool that they had converted to a greenhouse.

Here is a quick synopsis from their website.

We have had much success harvesting Black Soldier Fly Larvae to feed our chickens, but we needed a new design. After much thought, this is the design that we have come up with. We designed this unit with these things in mind:

  1. large for plenty of compost
  2. portable so we can move it
  3. auto-feeds our chickens
  4. easy to build and replicate
  5. made from common materials

This composter can turn everyday food and garden waste in to a nutritious food source for chickens and rich compost. We simply place the food scraps in the barrel and the Black Soldier Fly (or BSF) larvae does the rest. The larvae converts the scraps in to rich organic compost. Once the Larvae are mature, they crawl up the rain gutter and fall in to the chicken feeder. The chickens love the BSF and they get a healthy dose of calcium and protein. Once the composter is full of compost, take the barrel out and dump it and mix it in your compost pile as it is ready to be used. This device reduces household waste and provides a free dietary supplement for your chickens. The BSF larvae that are not eaten eventually transform in to adult BSF, lay eggs, and you really don’t see them much at all. The pheromones produced from the BSF repel the common house flies. There is not much odor that is produced from this process, similar to a conventional compost pile but the process is much faster.

You can see the complete build here on their website.

Now I just need to find a pool!