A Cheap Cabin Kit

Photo Courtesy Of Arched Cabins

For those looking for a cheap cabin kit, here is a product from Arched Cabins that might be a viable option for the DIYer out there. The Arched Cabins Company is located in the southwest with one goal in mind, designing an efficient, cost effective, durable, attractive and easy to build structure with multiple uses.

In our company’s time building Arched Cabins they have been used for everything you can think of, Shops, Animal shelters, Vacation homes, Retirement homes and Hunting lodges. No matter what your need, Arched Cabins can be adapted to suit you. The interiors have been manipulated for many different uses, for an animal shelter or garage the end caps can be minimal and you may or may not want insulation, on the flip side they can be fully built out with lofts and fully finished out interiors to be the home of your dreams. The beauty of an Arched Cabin for your solution lies in very fast build times and the fact that each one is an empty canvas waiting on you to finish as you see fit.

There are a few different foundation options when building your new Cabin. You can pour a traditional foundation, you can build a pier and beam foundation utilizing wood frame, or you can build a pier and beam foundation that is all steel. From your foundation the Arched Cabin kit can be built with a crew as quickly as 4 hours or with a friend over a weekend.

Here at Arched Cabins we believe that quality and efficiency are not just an option but a standard. Choose our product for your solution and we feel you will be very satisfied with the results in any environment and for any use. With an innovative, efficient and durable design our product speaks for itself. Thank you for considering an Arched Cabin!

Below is a brief overview of the construction process.

1Set your posts for foundation

Photo Courtesy Of Arched Cabins

2Install your decking

Photo Courtesy Of Arched Cabins

3Raise your framework

Photo Courtesy Of Arched Cabins

4Frame out the ends

Photo Courtesy Of Arched Cabins

5Insulate and frame interior space

Photo Courtesy Of Arched Cabins

6Finish the exterior of end caps

Photo Courtesy Of Arched Cabins

7Enjoy your new cabin

Photo Courtesy Of Arched Cabins
Photo Courtesy Of Arched Cabins

The company is running a promotion as of April 11th 2014 for $3695 for a 14×20 cabin and can be reached at their website for more information.

Let us know if you end up building your own arched cabin; we would love to see the end result!

Your Cabin in the Woods

The techniques of cabin building described here are derived and updated from the American pioneers, a spirit Conrad Meinecke fully possessed. The cabins he outlines, from the simple framed tent and two-man squatter to the long house and five-room family cabin, are all built of natural building.

Your Cabin in the Woods covers all aspects of cabin building: from where to build it and which direction to face it, to furnishings, plumbing, and outdoor equipment. The measured diagrams, floor plans, and cross-sections are clear, well detailed, and accompanied by directions. Meinecke explains the proper use of tools and how to avoid potential problems.