DIY Alcohol Stove


Here is an easy DIY alcohol stove that you can build for a fraction of what commercial units on the market cost. The nice thing about the project; most people already have the three materials needed to make it around their home.

  1. A Paint Can
  2. Toilet Paper
  3. Isopropyl Alcohol

The video above mentions using these as small space heaters, but I would have some serious concerns utilizing them in an indoor environment.

Most people worry about carbon monoxide build up with these, but the byproducts of burning isopropyl alcohol in an oxygen environment is carbon dioxide and water.

2(CH3)2CHOH +9O2–>6CO2 +8 H2O.

Image source : daryl138

Using an open flamed liquid fuel source in an enclosed space is just a bad safety practice; especially if you have small children, or family pets around the house that could easily bump into the cans. The amount of heat produced is just not the risk to you and your loved ones; a fire could spread rapidly in a matter of moments. There are better options available for safely heating small spaces.

Units like these are best suited for camping, emergency cooking and other outdoor activities.

If someone were so inclined; they could buy the materials in bulk and start an Etsy store; creating a little home based business. Here are some examples currently listed on Etsy.

Stay safe people!