DIY Flower Pot Smoker


The date was June 11th, 2003 when a show by the name of Good Eats turned the backyard smoking world upside down with a simple modification to a flower pot. With the addition of a hot plate and a few other items found around the home; Alton Brown showed how you could easily make a homemade version of the kamado grill; and the flower pot smoker was born. It was the perfect solution for people with limited funds and space.

At one point in time the episode was available on youtube to watch, but it has since been deleted and was made available on amazon instant video. Luckily people have been building their own versions of the smokers and documenting the construction process. One negative with using a flat drip tray like in the video above is that it doesn’t have a hole to insert a thermometer, but a drill bit could possibly rectify that. Below is a construction overview for one that a fellow resident here in Maine calls the little brown egg.

1Gather Supplies

Photo Credit Julie Ellis CC By 2.5

2Some Dis-assembly Required

Photo Credit Julie Ellis CC By 2.5

3Check For Clearance Clarence

Photo Credit Julie Ellis CC By 2.5

4Drill Hole For Power Cord; Dog Not Required

Photo Credit Julie Ellis CC By 2.5

5Test Fit Hot Plate

Photo Credit Julie Ellis CC By 2.5

6Add Grilling Surface

Photo Credit Julie Ellis CC By 2.5

7Insert Thermometer And It Is Time To Cook!

Photo Credit Julie Ellis CC By 2.5

8If you want to build your own inexpensive kamado grill you can see the complete process at …The Little Brown Egg. Have fun with your new smoker!

Materials Needed:

  1. Terra Cotta Flower Pot
  2. Terra Cotta Bowl
  3. Electric Hot Plate
  4. Thermometer
  5. Grate
  6. Pan For Holding Chips
  7. Bricks or Rocks To Raise The Planter