DIY Sit N Spin


Here is a DIY Sit N Spin for those that are looking for a simple wood working project for your child, grandchild or those that just want to relive a little bit of their youth. That’s how I found this project; I was discussing with a friend about what our favorite childhood toys were. We both mentioned how much we loved the Sit N Spin and we would buy one in a heartbeat if they made an adult size.

Later that night; I decided to google DIY Sit N Spin, and I came across this video. It seems easy enough. so I searched on Amazon and found this 300 lbs capacity Lazy Susan turntable that should be perfect for the base.

300 lbs Capacity 4 Lazy Susan Bearing 5/16 Thick Turntable Bearings VXB Brand

If someone were industrious enough; this could be a great addition to an Etsy store for a home based business. You could even offer customization for an extra charge; type of wood, engravings, stains, etc.