DIY Vardo Wagon

Photo Credit: jaylabrosse

Vardos; which also are also referred to as Gypsy wagons, Romani wagons, or caravans; were first used in the mid 1800’s by the Romanichals in the British Isles. The Romanichals would normally travel by foot with light horse drawn carriages carrying all their worldly possessions and sleeping either under the carts or in tents. In the middle of the 19th Century the carts started being converted into livable wagons with a built in heating and cooking source.

The use of Vardo’s started dying out after World War 1 with the advent of the automobile and the decrease in the horse trade that followed. There was still a small percentage of people that  utilized the Vardo’s as a traveling home throughout the mid 20th Century though. Then in 1968 the  Caravan Sites Act affected the amount of caravans allowed on authorized sites making it harder for people to find a place to legally park their Vardo’s which caused an even more diminishment of their use. Over the last several decades there has been a resurgence of interest in the Vardo from Non-Romani people; they are often used as campers and tiny homes.

Below is an excellent tutorial on how to build your own.

1Spruce Caboose

2Spruce Caboose Part 2

For those on a slower internet connection; you can see the complete directions below.

…Gypsy Wagon

One of our members is in the process of building their own version of the Vardo, so take a look and follow along with their build. If you decide to attempt to build your own DIY vardo wagon feel free to share your progress with us!

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