How To Hide A Weapon In Plain Sight


Owning a firearm can create a dilemma of security versus accessibility, and trying to find the right balance can be difficult. You want to make sure your firearm is secure, but readily available when you need it most. Usually that time occurs at a high stress moment; such as a home invasion. I don’t know about you, but stumbling through a darkened home and fighting with a combination lock is not my ideal situation in an emergency. The video above showcases a product on the market from Tactical Walls that allows you to hide a weapon in plain sight and helps address those concerns.

A lot of people use the smaller safes that you can keep by your bedside. Unfortunately there is a false sense of safety with them and the video below shows what can happen with several different brands.

Tactical Walls might just be the solution you have been looking for. The product utilizes strong rare earth neodymium magnets to activate a locking mechanism, and cannot be triggered by a normal magnet according their website.

The units are designed to work between the studs of a 16 inch on center standard 2×4 wall, and the company does a good job of showing the basic construction process HERE.

The downside of the product is their price; starting at 260 dollars for the bundles; which include inserts and covers. In today’s economy; that price point puts them out of the affordability range of a lot of Americans.

Luckily, there are DIY projects out there that you can follow to build a similar version and they allow for modification to fit your particular needs.

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Our friends over at put together a great tutorial on how to build your weapon concealment system, and you can see the complete build HERE.

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The major downside with the home built option is the lack of a locking mechanism, but that should be easy to rectify. The easiest way to overcome it is by not telling anyone. Don’t show it off to everyone that comes inside your home; don’t have your kids around when you install it, and make sure you mount it high enough so little ones can not touch it.  It is for you and your spouse’s knowledge only, and should only be used in an emergency situation; which hopefully will never happen.

If your spouse wants something with a little more refinement to go with her decor; and your budget allows it; there is another option available through Sam’s Club which is in the same price range as some of the Tactical Walls.

Curio & Gun Cabinet Combination


Hidden behind the tempered glass curio display area is a sliding cabinet that accommodates your collection of rifles or shotguns. It’s both a beautiful addition to a dining room or living room and an inconspicuous firearm storage solution. The slider lock is exclusively designed inside the curio display and additional storage is provided behind the lower locking door. This easy to assemble cabinet is a great addition to any room.


  • Sliding gun storage behind curio display area
  • Holds up to 10 guns
  • Exclusive design – gun slider lock inside curio display
  • Lighted curio area
  • Locking storage behind lower door
  • Select wood and wood veneers
  • Displays most 52″ scoped rifles and shotguns
  • Tempered glass door
  • Adjustable glass shelves
  • Felt lined barrel rest and butt plate
  • Floor levelers
  • Fully locking cabinetry
  • Classic furniture hardware
  • Easy to assemble

Whatever option you decide to go with; please make sure you don’t tell anyone; your families safety could depend on it. Peace.