How To Build A Bailer Bucket


People on private wells can run into situations where they lose the ability to draw water from them. Loss of power or a burned out pump can create not only a nuisance, but in some instances a life or death situation. Knowing how to build a bailer bucket can help sustain you and your family in an emergency crisis.

Even those with manual hand pumps can find it beneficial to build one of these simple tools due to the fact that mechanical parts often fail. This is a major concern for people in developing countries that depend on mechanical lift pumps; such as the Mark II design; for their daily water intake.

The bailer bucket is constructed of PVC that is fitted with a non-return valve at the base and a handle at the top. It is simply lowered and raised through your well casing by a rope or chain; allowing you to access your water supply.

For those on a slower internet connection; Aquamor provides an excellent tutorial below on how to build another version of the bucket bailer. Make sure not to wait until the technology you depend on fails before building your emergency water back-up tool.

When Technology Fails

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