How to hand Pollinate


Here is a method to hand pollinate a cucumber plant that one of our members had to utilize one year when he had pollination issues. It’s a simple process and a good skill set to have if needed.

So I had some issues with my cucumbers not pollinating. What I was seeing was all the tiny fruiting bodies opening their flowers , and then literally “dying on the vine”

First off, there are two different flowers you’ll find on the plant:

The male flower – no fruit behind it…

…and the female flower – this one is obvious, it has what will become your cucumber.

To hand pollinate you basically find yourself a nice, open male flower like this

gently pluck the leaves off leaving the inner part with the pollen sacs intact – then you take that part and gently touch it to the inside of an open female flower and BANG! you’re done!

If it takes, within a day the flower on the fruit should shrivel up, and withing 3 or 4 days you should notice some growth and swelling in your cucumber.



Let the Pollination begin!