Outdoor Pizza Oven

Photo Credit: www.howtospecialist.com

I have always wanted an outdoor pizza oven, pizza is as American as well, pizza! There are many methods of building an outdoor pizza oven, I have seen ones made out of trash cans, cob, cement and bricks. In my opinion there is nothing that compares to the look of the classic brick pizza oven.

The folks over at www.howtospecialist.com have put together a great pictorial on how to build a classic brick outdoor pizza oven. They also do a great job of breaking down a materials list, tools required, tips and time needed.


  1. 200 regular bricks – BRICKS
  2. 70-100 concrete blocks – BLOCKS
  3. Cement, gravel, rebars – COUNTERTOP
  4. 2×6 wooden boards – FORM
  5. 15-20 refractory bricks (  9 x 4 1/2 x 3 ” ) – FIRE BRICKS
  6. Fire clay and sharp sand – FIRE MORTAR
  7. Flagstone / soapstone – CLADDING
  8. Shards of glass – INSULATION


  1. Safety gloves and glasses
  2. Brick saw
  3. Power mixer
  4. Hammer, utility knife
  5. Measuring tape, framing square, pencil, T-square
  6. Bucket, trowel
  7. Wheelbarrow, shovel


  1. Buy or rent a power mixer to save you from a hard work
  2. Pay attention to concrete recipes as they are essential for a proper job
  3. Use a mix of sand and fire clay to glue the bricks together
  4. Time Needed: Two weeks

So if you are ready to tackle a project like this, take a look at their tutorial for a step-by-step process.