Folding PVC Greenhouse


Building a PVC greenhouse is an inexpensive way for people with limited space and money to kick-start their garden this spring. It can also extend the harvest season by protecting cold sensitive plants and vegetables from early frosts. Below are several more reasons that you should build one.

  • Protects from strong wind
  • Protection from lite hail
  • Uses the building as a rudimentary heat sink
  • Removable when not needed
  • Can be easily raised for days with high heat and lowered for cooler nights
  • Great for hot weather plants for those in colder climates

Bonnie plants provides a great tutorial video above with extra tips on proper placement and usage. Don’t worry about trying to write all the information down though, because they also provide an excellent PDF with complete instructions and list of materials.

..Fold Down PVC Greenhouse

I would recommend sticking a thermometer inside if you do build one though; the temperature can quickly rise inside. We were getting almost 80 degrees on a 40 degree day in just a few hours inside our little PVC greenhouse. Have fun with your garden this year.

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