Repairing A Damaged Tree


Here is how you can go about repairing a damaged tree. One day we had we had crazy wind storm that knocked out our power, I threw on my boots to go check the damage and looked over and saw that my daughters trampoline decided to take flight, awesome. That’s one of my granny smith apple trees bent over underneath it.

I got the trampoline removed and noticed the trunk was split somewhat.


So I grabbed some tree wound dressing and tree wrap.


I dried off the trunk as good as possible and applied some dressing, you do not want to apply this to a wet trunk.


I wrapped it up good and now it was time to  wait.


A few weeks later it started growing leaves.


This year it started blossoming; some times you need to shock a tree to produce. I swear if this tree starts producing fruit this year, I’m going to go snap all my trees in half and repair them.