Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Culvert Root Cellar

Re-purposing is a great way to save some money on projects around the homestead and turning old concrete culverts into a root cellar is a great example of this. When Reddit user Spiker1986's brother needed a space to...

So God Made A Farmer

Since everyone is watching the Super Bowl today I figured it would be a perfect time to share one of the greatest Super Bowl commercials ever made. The words still impact me today just...

A Simple Dinner On The Homestead

What if you could walk out your front door and pick the ingredients to make a simple dinner? It seems to be the goal of a lot of Americans these days, and sometimes people...

An Inexpensive Tiny Home

The tiny home craze is sweeping the nation; people looking to live a simple lifestyle are finding that the average 2500 square foot home does not fit well with their new life choices. Blogs,...

Living Small

Living Small is a documentary that explores the Tiny House Movement through the lives of the people making it happen and challenges the long-held notion that “bigger is better". The film focuses on Anderson Page...