A Small Backyard Pond

Photo Courtesy Of Info Turtle

Have you ever thought about adding water features to your home? They not only increase your property values, but also provide numerous environmental and permaculture benefits. Something simple like a small backyard pond is a relatively easy project and depending on your soil conditions they can be built in a week or less.


  1. Provides habitat for wildlife
  2. Provides nutrient rich water for the garden
  3. Can provide a food source through cattails, lotus and wild rice for example
  4. Can provide a food source through fish and other aquatic animals
  5. Swimming, ice skating and other physical activities depending on their size
  6. Provides excess water storage

You can see the transformation of our personal pond above; it has slowly been taken over by cattails, frogs, turtles, blue heron and almost 80 ducks during the summer. Besides initially filling it with water and getting eight domestic mallards; we have done nothing to it over the past six years besides some yearly maintenance.

For those that want to start on a smaller scale; our friends over at Info Turtle did a great tutorial on how to build a small backyard pond that would be perfect for a small flock of ducks. Luckily our soil was heavy in clay and is perfect for building a pond, but Luka shows you how to do it with less than desirable soil. This is just one method of building a pond; I have seen ones built out of stock-tanks, earth-bags and even used tires.

1Pick Your Spot, Close To The Garden Is Preferable

Photo Courtesy Of Info Turtle

2Dig A Hole And Create Terraces

Photo Courtesy Of Info Turtle

3Remove Any Sharp Objects That Can Puncture Liner

Photo Courtesy Of Info Turtle

4Lay Down A Protective Layer For Liner

Photo Courtesy Of Info Turtle

5Install Liner

Photo Courtesy Of Info Turtle

6Fill With Water

Photo Courtesy Of Info Turtle

7Add Rocks To Help Hold Down The Edge Of Liner

Photo Courtesy Of Info Turtle

8Add Plants And Wildlife

Photo Courtesy Of Info Turtle

So if you are thinking of adding beneficial feature’s to your yard; don’t overlook a small backyard pond. You can see the complete tutorial below.

…How to Build a Pond

Good luck with your project!

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