How To Start A Fire Without A Match


Knowing how to start a fire can be the difference between life and death in certain situations. The saying one is none; two is one pertains not only to your gear; it also includes your knowledge and skill-sets.

Most people have several different methods of fire starting in their bags, but what if that gear you depend on fails? There are news stories all the time where people described as an outdoors-man or a survivalist have found themselves in dire situations that sometimes do not have a positive outcome.

Having the ability to utilize every day materials for fire-starting can be just the edge you need to get through an emergency. Here are 12 different methods for starting fires with items that are usually found in the home, your car or a first aid kit. Stay safe!

1Making Fire With A Coat Hanger

2How to Start a Fire with an Aluminum Can

3How To Start A Fire With A Pencil

4How To Start A Fire With AA Battery

5Three Methods From Ray Mears

65 Ways to Start a Fire Using Water