Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tag: alternative energy

diy rocket stove

DIY Rocket Stove

Here is an inexpensive DIY rocket stove project that my brother put together a couple weeks ago. No special skills or tools are required and the materials cost less than sixteen dollars. Materials: Two bags of quikrete...

8 Uses For Buckets On The Homestead

People starting out on their homesteading journey can find that expenses add up quickly. Chicken feeders, watering cans, building raised beds and other projects can put a huge dent into the budget. I decided to...

DIY Cob Solar Oven

Those looking to become more energy independent in 2015 might find that building a cob solar oven can be a great project to tackle this summer. I have seen a lot of different DIY solar...

DIY Backyard Smoker

When we started building our home one thing that was on my priority list was a backyard smoker. Since we were raising our own animals it only made sense that we have the ability...

Grover Chimney Oven

I was not expecting the amount of interest generated by our simple tutorial on how we installed our Bakers Salute Oven. People that already heat with wood and want to be even more independent...