Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tag: animals


Bathtub Duck Pond

One thing that often stops people from raising ducks in their backyard is the thought that they need to dig a pond for them. While a duck technically does not need a pond they...

How To Make A Hand Hay Baler

Building and using a hand hay baler as demonstrated in the video above can be a great tool to have around the home; it can be used for baling pine-straw, leaves and grass. If you have...

A Small Backyard Pond

Have you ever thought about adding water features to your home? They not only increase your property values, but also provide numerous environmental and permaculture benefits. Something simple like a small backyard pond is...

Tiny Earthship in New Zealand

This tiny Earthship in New Zealand is a great example of someone following their dreams and working towards the life they envision. After watching the documentary "The Garbage Warrior"; which is about Architect Michael...

A Homesteader’s Dilemma

Often when people think about trying to live a self-sustaining lifestyle; they think about all the positives; such as economic, personal development, a sense of satisfaction and emotional well-being. Occasionally the emotional part gets...