Friday, January 22, 2021

Tag: baking


Grover Chimney Oven

I was not expecting the amount of interest generated by our simple tutorial on how we installed our Bakers Salute Oven. People that already heat with wood and want to be even more independent...

DIY Motor For The Country Living Grain Mill

A Country Living Grain Mill is a great tool to have around the homestead and can last a life time with proper use and maintenance. Having the ability to grind your own wheat and...

A Simple Cast Iron Bread

Learning how to cook over a campfire or in a Baker's Salute Oven is a great skill to have in an emergency situation. If you are ever in a prolonged grid down scenario from a natural disaster;...

How To Make Pasta By Hand

Learning how to make pasta by hand is one of the easiest skill-sets that you can add to your cooking knowledge-base. Since it uses only two ingredients; flour and eggs; it is next to...

Free Kindle Books 01/29/2015

For those with a kindle; here are some free kindle books I came across today that might interest you. The books are free as of 01/29/2015 and I’m not sure how long they will...