Saturday, September 26, 2020

Tag: baking

Dutch Oven Pork Chops

I find that winter is the perfect time of year to experiment with different recipes; such as these dutch oven pork chops. Using cast iron in tandem with our bakers salute oven is perfect...

A Simple Dinner On The Homestead

What if you could walk out your front door and pick the ingredients to make a simple dinner? It seems to be the goal of a lot of Americans these days, and sometimes people...

How To Install A Bakers Salute Oven

For those that heat with wood; having the ability to use the heat lost in the chimney flue to cook with would be an ideal situation. The Bakers Salute Oven gives you the ability...

Dutch Oven Lasagna

Here is how we made some dutch oven lasagna the other evening. Unfortunately; I had had very little white flour in the pantry and the only thing I had on-hand was whole wheat flour....

Easy Firewood Storage

Here is an easy firewood storage method that is inexpensive and pretty darn brilliant if you ask me. By utilizing pallets; you are able to create little storage sheds that help with drying, proper...