Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tag: construction

Culvert Root Cellar

Re-purposing is a great way to save some money on projects around the homestead and turning old concrete culverts into a root cellar is a great example of this. When Reddit user Spiker1986's brother needed a space to...

Silt Fencing Raised Bed

If you are thinking of adding raised beds to your yard this year but have a limited budget then a silt fencing raised bed might just be what you are looking for. In the...

DIY Cob Solar Oven

Those looking to become more energy independent in 2015 might find that building a cob solar oven can be a great project to tackle this summer. I have seen a lot of different DIY solar...

Bathtub Duck Pond

One thing that often stops people from raising ducks in their backyard is the thought that they need to dig a pond for them. While a duck technically does not need a pond they...
grain bin homesvideo

A Grain Bin House

For those looking for a unique alternative building method then a grain bin house could be just what you are looking for. Grain bins can be found all around the country and are often sold for scrap...