Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Tag: first aid


The Kindling Cracker

Splitting firewood is a necessary evil if you want to heat your home or garage with a wood-stove. The process of splitting can be dangerous as you use smaller pieces of wood for kindling; an ax...

.223 Whistle

Above is a great little project for using a spent casing to make a .223 whistle that would be a great addition to your field kit. Being able to issue or respond to distress...

VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools

Outdoorsman, preppers and survivalist have a new tool at their disposal that is pretty ingenious in my opinion, the VSSL outdoor utility tool. The product is a 8 inch long by 2 inch canister...

How To Start A Fire Without A Match

Knowing how to start a fire can be the difference between life and death in certain situations. The saying one is none; two is one pertains not only to your gear; it also includes...

How To Cut Rope In An Emergency

Here is a simple way on how to cut rope in an emergency situation. Say you are spending the night in the woods and you need some shorter rope to tie down your tarp with....