Tuesday, May 22, 2018

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Square Foot Gardening Basics

Square foot gardening is a perfect method for people with limited space and time. I would like to add money to the list, but personally I have found the ingredients to properly make Mel's...

Win A Free Planter!

I was looking through craigslist one day when I came across an ad for BZBCabinsAndOutdoors for small outdoor wooden structures. I made a thread on our forums inquiring if one of our members in...

Starting seedlings in raised beds

One of the biggest issues I find with direct sowing of seeds is telling the difference between what is a seedling and what is a weed. Heck even after gardening as long as I...
herb wheel planter

How To Make A Herb Wheel Planter

When planning out your garden area this year don’t forget to set aside room for a herb garden. There is nothing like walking outside and picking fresh herbs for recipes or dehydrating for later use....

How To Build A Pallet Potting Bench

When planning out your garden area this year don't forget to set aside room for a potting bench. They are great for storage, help prevent back pain and keeps everything organized in one location....