Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Tag: preparedness

Mypatriotsupply Seed Vault

One day someone asked me how much space you would need to plant a whole Mypatriotsupply seed vault using the square foot gardening method. It was an interesting question and one I had never...

A Cheap Generator Transfer Switch

One of our forum members had asked about a cheap generator transfer switch for their home. An external disconnect can run about 500-1000 dollars based off local electrician rates but an inexpensive option is a...

Sheltering in Place

For those of us on the East Coast it looks like the next 48 hours are going to be pretty severe with weather. Winter storm Juno is headed our way and it is said...

How To Build A Secret Room

Every kid growing up dreams of having a secret room; a place that a child can claim as his or her own territory. Unfortunately as I have grown older; that dream of a secret...

VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools

Outdoorsman, preppers and survivalist have a new tool at their disposal that is pretty ingenious in my opinion, the VSSL outdoor utility tool. The product is a 8 inch long by 2 inch canister...