Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tag: self sufficiency

mud oven

How To Build A Mud Oven

One of the projects I have been working on is buildingĀ a mud oven. It is fast, easy andĀ costs nothing to make if you use materials that you can find right in your backyard. Plus...

A Simple Bread Recipe

Baking bread from scratch can be intimidating for people just starting out learning how to cook. How much yeast do you need, how long should you let it rise and what recipe to use...

Making Butter In A Jar

Winter is a great time to practice different skills that can put you one step closer to a self-sufficient life. Making butter in a jar is an excellent talent to learn that uses no...

Square Foot Gardening Basics

Square foot gardening is a perfect method for people with limited space and time. I would like to add money to the list, but personally I have found the ingredients to properly make Mel's...

So God Made A Farmer

Since everyone is watching the Super Bowl today I figured it would be a perfect time to share one of the greatest Super Bowl commercials ever made. The words still impact me today just...