Saturday, September 26, 2020

Tag: smoking

DIY Pallet Smoker

Smoking your own meats, vegetables and cheeses is a great way to work towards a self sufficient lifestyle., especially those on a tight budget.  The folks over at put together a great video tutorial on...

A Cajun Microwave

Have you ever heard of a Cajun microwave? I came across these several years ago and the thought has intrigued me ever since. They are basically wooden boxes lined with sheet metal and they...

Pepperoni Cheese Ravioli

I made the pepperoni the other week so I decided to make some pepperoni cheese ravioli with it. This is such a simple recipe a caveman can do it! (or woman) I had vacuum...

How to make Pancetta

Here is a simple way on how to make Pancetta at home. We had used all our pork bellies from our pigs, but luckily we have a good local butcher we can get product...

How to roast a pig

LeroyJ provided a great step by step process on how to roast a pig. I've been roasting whole hogs in different ways for about 15 years, mostly at family BBQ's, graduations etc. Nothing professional whatsoever....