DIY Ugly Drum Smoker


With the big game only a few weeks away and projects around the home being few and far between at this time of year; building an Ugly Drum Smoker (UDS) might just be the perfect activity to chase away those winter blues.

Construction of an Ugly Drum Smoker is pretty straightforward as described in the video above and the design can be easily modified with valves for better airflow control. The lack of required welding is an added bonus and makes these builds easy enough to accomplish with just a few hand tools.

UDS Advantages
  1. Easiest to design and build
  2. Easy to operate
  3. Great for beginners
  4. Parts are relatively cheap
  5. Fuel efficient
  6. Great conversation piece
UDS Disadvantages
  1. Drippings stay in the barrel and must be cleaned
  2. Less rack space
  3. Bottom rack can be inconvenient to access if top rack is loaded.
  4. Loading fuel can be a pain
  5. Direct heat method
  6. Uses charcoal or lump as the fuel source, which can be costly
  7. Your friends will expect you to do all the cooking

So if you are looking to save some money on smoked meats and cheeses from the grocery store; start searching on craigslist for a free or low-cost barrel. Those on a slower internet connection can use the infographic below as a tutorial guide.