VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools


Outdoorsman, preppers and survivalist have a new tool at their disposal that is pretty ingenious in my opinion, the VSSL outdoor utility tool. The product is a 8 inch long by 2 inch canister with a LED flashlight at one end and an oil filled compass on the other. Each VSSL is watertight and made from military spec 6061 seamless extruded aluminum that can be loaded with everything you require for a night in the woods, or just to keep on hand for an emergency situation.

Inventor Todd Weimer had one mission in mind when he started his kickstarter for the product in late 2014:


A flashlight is one of the primary tools for camping, overnight outdoors or emergency/survival situations. In the past, the flashlight handle was required to hold the batteries needed to power inefficient bulbs.

Today, high efficiency LED lights power quality flashlights. The battery requirements are substantially less, and the handle can now be used for other useful purposes. VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools were created to utilize that now obsolete space, while at the same time maintaining the practical form factor of the traditional torchlight.

Our tool is intended to evolve. We’ve provided contents we feel are essential for challenging situations, but we are confident our customers will really see VSSL as just that; a container used to house items of importance to its owner.


The products are proudly made in Canada and cost $89.00 for the supplies version; $59.00 for the shelter, first aid or zombie version; and $45.00 for an empty canister with built in flashlight and lantern . If you want to pre-order your own VSSl you can find out more information about the product on their website.

Stay safe in the woods!