Monday, June 24, 2024


Our family relocated to Maine 17 Years ago to get to a simpler way of life after the birth of our daughter. We decided to document everything we do about six years ago so we could share our projects with people who are also looking to slow down a little. This site developed from that goal of sharing knowledge.

Raised Beds 201 Part B

It was time to finish the raised beds, I had a few other projects to to around the house, so I had a pile of 2x12's delivered. They were 16 footers so I cut...

My Solar Pit Greenhouse Failure

I have always been a fan of Mike Ohler, who hasn't? He wrote The 50 Dollar and Up Underground House Book and He also authored The Earth Sheltered Solar Greenhouse book. The last book...

A different way to bottle wine

Here is a different way to bottle wine that is quick, easy and inexpensive. One winter I had made a batch of pineapple wine and had totally forgotten about it. The wine sat neglected...