DIY Pallet Greenhouse


Being able to grow food in the backyard is a goal for a lot of Americans right now, and for many good reasons. For example; rising food costs, healthier food choices, or trying to become more self-sufficient.

People starting out from scratch can find that the costs to build their backyard oasis can add up quickly. Since pallets can be found for free almost anywhere; the DIY pallet greenhouse project above is great way to start your garden for not a lot of money.

The builder states that it cost only 5 Euros to build the framework and another 30 Euros for plastic sheeting. If you do decide to tackle this project, be sure to find pallets that are stamped HT for heat-treated; which is the method used to preserve the wood in the pallet.

The other method is Methyl Bromide fumigation; which creates a health risk and should not be used for projects or for firewood.

For those with slower internet connections; you can see Andy’s complete build below. Good luck with your garden!


Gardening When It Counts: Growing Food in Hard Times

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