How To Make Rope From Grass


Learning how to make rope from grass is a fun little project to get the kids interested in bushcraft and outdoor activities. Indigenous people, woodsmen and hunters have used this rope making process for centuries and it can even be found in some modern ropes. Youtuber NightHawkInLight demonstrates the basic process of how to make rope from grass in the video above and shares some of his best practices.

Note that for best results, each of the two tails of the rope should be twisted an equal number of turns as they’re wound. That will ensure that the two coils wind around one another tightly and in a double helix pattern. If one side is twisted less than the other it will tend to stay straight, while the more twisted side coils around it like a spring. When I first started winding the rope in the video you can see I didn’t do a very good job twisting both strands evenly for the first few inches, and one side was coiled more than the other. Try to avoid that, as it will be a weak point.

As NightHawkInLight states if you make the rope thicker it can hold much more than fifty pounds as seen in the picture below.

Photo Credit : Asron87

Stay safe and have fun in the woods!