Easy One Pot Chicken Alfredo

easy one pot chicken alfredo
easy one pot chicken alfredo

People often feel rushed at this time of year due to Christmas shopping, holiday parties and family visiting; it can be difficult finding the time to make a decent meal at home. For those of you on the go here is an easy one pot chicken alfredo recipe that is simple to make and cleaning up afterwards is a snap.


  1. Three tbsp butter.
  2. One pint of chicken stock.
  3. One quart of heavy cream
  4. Ten ounces of shredded parmesan.
  5. Three chicken breasts.
  6. Three tbsp of diced garlic.
  7. Two tsp of black pepper.
  8. One sixteen ounce box of fettuccine noodles.
  9. One diced tomato.

1. Melt the butter in a large pot.

2. Dice the chicken breasts and add to the pot.

3. Cook thoroughly till done.

4. Add the diced garlic to the pot.

5. Pour in the heavy cream and chicken stock.

6. Add the pepper to the pot.

7. Let it come to a boil and then add the fettuccine pasta.

8. Continue cooking until the noodles are soft.

9. Add the parmesan cheese to the pot.

10. Stir it well until the cheese is all melted.

11. Garnish with tomatoes and whatever other seasoning you like.

Clean up is a breeze with only having to wash the one pot and the plates you used. Another option would be to make the pasta by hand which roughly adds another twenty to thirty minutes to your food preparation time. Merry Christmas and we hope you have fruitful New Year!

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