PVC ALICE Pack Frame


If you are missing your original metal frame, or if it is falling apart on you; here is a simple PVC ALICE pack frame that you can make for not a lot of money.

Dave Canterbury gives a great tutorial on how to build your own frame in the video above, but here are some ideas to improve the design.

  1. Before bending; fill the PVC with sand; it will keep the pipe from crimping when forming.
  2. Some of the bends could be made with 45 degree fittings.
  3. Compartmentalize the cross braces with pressure fittings for specific storage capacity; tinder, first aid kit, fishing kit. etc.
  4. With proper fittings; the whole frame could be used for water storage.
  5. Wrap the frame with para-cord instead of spray painting; you can never have too much para-cord.
  6. Use ABS instead of PVC, it is UV protected and has a higher impact strength at lower temperatures than PVC.

Sure; you can easily find a replacement frame at the local Military Supply store, but there are a couple benefits of making your own frame.

  1. You can build the frame to fit your body size; making the pack more comfortable to carry.
  2. You can increase the ergonomics of the frame; easily molding it to fit your body shape with a heat gun.
  3. With a larger pack frame; you have more room for carrying and distributing your load.

Whatever you decide to do; have fun with your project and personalize it to your needs and concerns. Be safe in the woods!

Used USMC Military Surplus ILBE Pack System

Heavy-duty CORDURA┬«, 725-denier fabric Massive main area, Top or side zipper access, Top lid is 15 x 10 x 5″ (750-cu. in. capacity), Haul handles for gloved use, Rubber zipper pulls, 2 aluminum stays, Drawstring top, Padded waist belt, Kidney pad, Adjustable shoulder straps, 12 x 9 x 24″h., 9 lbs.