How To Replace A Primer Bulb


Here is how to replace a primer bulb in small yard equipment. We had an older weed whacker that died so I figured it was time to buy a new one and I ended up buying a poulan pro.

I should have known it was crap when the first one we bought the engine seized the first time we tried starting  it.

Luckily I had bought it from the hardware store my dad was working at, so he went and exchanged it for a new one and it worked fine all last summer.

I went to start it this year and the primer bulb was shot, what ever happened to quality? Luckily it’s only a 5 minute job.


Start by removing the air filter and the top cover plate.


The poulan just has tabs that hold it in place, yours might have a screw holding it in.


Remove the fuel lines, while keeping track of which goes where.


I got the replacement bulb off for 12 dollars including the shipping, I see they are now cheaper.

Genuine Poulan Weedeater Part # 530047721


Just pop it in.


and reconnect the fuel lines.


Reinstall the cover and the air filter.


You just saved yourself 50 dollars by not having to go to a small engine repair shop.