Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Tag: bio-fuels


How To Tap A Maple Tree

Since syrup season is almost here now is the perfect time to learn how to tap a maple tree. Being able to make your own syrups is a great hobby and if done on...

Grover Chimney Oven

I was not expecting the amount of interest generated by our simple tutorial on how we installed our Bakers Salute Oven. People that already heat with wood and want to be even more independent...

DIY Emergency Candle

There are quite a few candles available on the market today that are designed to be used in an emergency; they are a great product to have on hand in case of a major...

DIY Ugly Drum Smoker

With the big game only a few weeks away and projects around the home being few and far between at this time of year; building an Ugly Drum Smoker (UDS) might just be the...

A 10 Dollar Rocket Stove

Here is a very detailed tutorial that shows how you can make a simple 10 dollar rocket stove out of a section of square tubing. Rocket stoves have been making big waves in the...