November 27, 2014

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481 Crockpot Recipes

Here are 481 crockpot recipes for people on the go or for those looking to save some money in today’s unknown financial environment. A crockpot is probably one of my favorite cooking methods and is a great way to make an inexpensive and healthy meal. You can make almost a year and half worth of [
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DIY AR-15 Speedloader
Here is a DIY AR-15 speedloader that you can build for not a lot of money. Anyone that shoots on a consistent basis knows that reloading spent magazines can get tiring re
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Pork And Butternut Chili
We finally got our pigs back from the butcher the other day and since the weather is starting to get colder we decided to make some pork and butternut chili. I’m no
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Recipes In A Jar
Here are over four-hundred recipes in a jar for people that are looking to set up a deep pantry. One of the largest stumbling blocks for people  trying to be self-suffici
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DIY Vardo Wagon
(Photo Credit: jaylabrosse) Here is a pretty outstanding method on how to build a DIY Vardo wagon. Vardos which also are also referred to as Gypsy wagons, Romani wagons,
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A One Dollar Knife
Here is a simple method on how to make a one dollar knife. There are many methods out there that show different ways to make a blade but most of them are focused on highe
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