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481 Crockpot Recipes

by KVR in Recipes

Here are 481 crockpot recipes for people on the go or for those looking to save some money in today’s unknown financial environment. A crockpot is probably one of my [...]


  • tiny
    Have you heard of the recent documentary Tiny: A Story About Living Small? If you are thinking about downsizing and following a simpler life of minimalism and [...]
  • DIY SpeedLoader
    Here is a DIY AR-15 speedloader that you can build for not a lot of money. Anyone that shoots on a consistent basis knows that reloading spent magazines can get tiring real [...]
  • pork and butternut chili
    We finally got our pigs back from the butcher the other day and since the weather is starting to get colder we decided to make some pork and butternut chili. I’m not a [...]

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