Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Tire Rim Grill

Re-purposing projects are a great way to save some money and develop different skills that last a lifetime. For example the welded tire rim grill tutorial in the video above can be made out...

Grover Chimney Oven

I was not expecting the amount of interest generated by our simple tutorial on how we installed our Bakers Salute Oven. People that already heat with wood and want to be even more independent...

DIY Motor For The Country Living Grain Mill

A Country Living Grain Mill is a great tool to have around the homestead and can last a life time with proper use and maintenance. Having the ability to grind your own wheat and...

DIY Solar Generator

We had been looking to purchase a solar generator for several years but the prices were astronomical and out of our reach. We had installed solar panels on my father's cabin previously; so I...

DIY Pallet Hot Tub

IBC tanks and pallets are great resources to have around the homestead for re-purposing projects. Once in awhile a project comes along that combines them in a unique way; such as the DIY pallet...