Tuesday, January 26, 2021
mortgage free homevideo

A Mortgage Free Home

The word mortgage derives from the old french word mort gage which translates to "death pledge". Sadly for most people today that meaning still holds a lot of truth. People trade 30 years of their future earnings...

How To Build A Pallet Cabin

People thinking of building an inexpensive cabin can look to youtube user Walt Bentley for inspiration in the video above. He was able to build a cozy little building by using pallets, reclaimed wood and a door...

DIY Backyard Smoker

When we started building our home one thing that was on my priority list was a backyard smoker. Since we were raising our own animals it only made sense that we have the ability...

How To Build A Tailgate Bench

It's pretty amazing what people are re-purposing these days; everything from pallets to tailgates as seen in the video above. Youtuber God's Country had seen what others were able to do with the piece...

DIY Pallet Pantry

Pallets are an inexpensive building material for the budget conscience DIY'er; they are usually made out of hardwood, treated to last a long time and best of all they are free. Due to these benefits...