Monday, June 24, 2024

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DIY Strawberry Pyramid

Strawberries are an easy perennial you can grow in your backyard that can provide a yearly supply of fresh berries for jams, desserts and wines. The DIY strawberry pyramid built by Bonnie Plants in...
burying a shipping cotainervideo

Burying A Shipping Container

If you have ever thought of burying a shipping container there are certain precautions you must take. If done improperly the results can be less than desireable including catastrophical failure. In the video above
DIY Dog Steps

DIY Dog Steps

For those of us with more vertically challenged canine friends the use of dog steps as they get older or become injured can become a necessity. Our little pug has developed an issue with his...
pallet hay feeder

Pallet Hay Feeder

If you are thinking of adding livestock to your homestead this year than a hay feeder is something you might want to invest in to help keep feed waste under control. Commercial units can be...

Wine Barrel Cabinet

If you are looking for a cool project this spring then a wine barrel cabinet just might be perfect for you. Re-purposing items is a great way to save money, save items from the landfill...