Thursday, February 25, 2021

Tag: food preservation

How To Dehydrate And Store Food

Food preservation can be one of the biggest challenges for people who are learning how to garden. After spending all summer weeding, watering and composting; the thought of having to can 80 jars of...

Culvert Root Cellar

Re-purposing is a great way to save some money on projects around the homestead and turning old concrete culverts into a root cellar is a great example of this. When Reddit user Spiker1986's brother needed a space to...

Slow Cooker Yogurt

Making your own dairy products at home is a great first step towards a more self-sufficient life. Proteins have been increasing in price over the past five years and even if you can't raise...

DIY Hot Dog Recipe

Hot dogs have been an American favorite for generations. They are a quick and tasty item that can be prepared as a base dish for a cheap dinner. Unfortunately they are not very healthy...

DIY Backyard Smoker

When we started building our home one thing that was on my priority list was a backyard smoker. Since we were raising our own animals it only made sense that we have the ability...