8 recipes for self-sufficiency


Here are 8 recipes for self-sufficiency that are very simple and can get you on the right path towards a self sufficient lifestyle.

So many people worry about not having enough land, not being allowed to have chickens, etc.

But there is one basic building block of a self sufficient life people overlook a lot of times.

Being able to cook.

If you can not cook what you grow, raise and produce then why even bother?

We have a generation of people who have lost touch with what real food is and don’t know how to make some simple basics.

Here are 8 recipes that will help you on your journey.

1. A simple bread recipe.

Bread is one of the most basic food products you can make but people think it is this mystical thing that comes off the grocery store shelves that some magic elves made in a bakery. Here is the simplest bread you can make.


 2. Buttermilk biscuits.

If you like more of a southern flair buttermilk biscuits might better suit your taste buds. Here is a simple recipe.


 3. Homemade butter.

What are bread or biscuits without butter? Did you know you can make butter in a canning jar? Well, now you do.


 4. Soft fruit jam.

Being able to make preserves is another simple skill you can learn to go along with your bread and biscuits.


5. Farm cheese.

Who doesn’t love cheese? Well besides lactose intolerant people I mean.


6. Cream Cheese.

Along with farm cheese comes cream cheese. There are so many options that you can utilize cream cheese for. Some examples will come later.


7. Yogurt.

Remember that simple bread recipe above? Well what if you could make your own yogurt to make that bread? You can very easily.


8. Wine.

Last but not least for the adults that want a strong beverage at the end of the day after making all this food.

Here is a simple wine recipe that you can utilize any soft fruits to make.


Cook on people!