A different way to bottle wine


Here is a different way to bottle wine that is quick, easy and inexpensive. One winter I had made a batch of pineapple wine and had totally forgotten about it. The wine sat neglected for the next eight months until my wife finally asked me when we were going to bottle it.

A couple weeks later we were canning and dehydrating some food when I had my eureka moment. I’m sitting there looking at some green peppers we had dehydrated and vacuum sealed.

I started thinking to myself; why not just vacuum seal the wine instead of worrying about cleaning and sanitizing bottles? It made perfect sense to me! So we grabbed our food saver, a carboy full of wine, a case of quart jars and went to town.

It literally took only about 15 minutes to jar up 5 gallons of wine. An extra added benefit is everything in the process is reusable; including the lids.

For those trying to be off grid, you can always make your own vacuum sealer with a brake bleeder. You can see the basic steps below.

1Assemble The Supplies

Photos Via Eric Forman CC by NC SA 2.5

2Fill The Jar

Photos Via Eric Forman CC by NC SA 2.5

3Seal The Jar

Photos Via Eric Forman CC by NC SA 2.5

4Evacuate The Air

Photos Via Eric Forman CC by NC SA 2.5

What other uses can you think of for the method?

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