Cooking With A Tire


Cooking with a tire? What is this madness!

Have you seen the price of food lately? Have you seen the price of the fuel needed to cook that food lately?

That is pure madness if you ask me when we have an abundance of a natural renewable energy source that can cook that exact same food for free. The sun.

The amount of potential energy that strikes the earths surface in one hour is more than the combined total of what the world consumes in one year. Think about that for a second.

Okay, seconds over. Here is some lite reading on the subject:

If we can utilize one fraction of a decimal point to the 1000th degree to cook our hot dogs, why wouldn’t we?

Well we can, by using what is considered a burden on our landfill system, the lowly tire.

Here is the tire cooker in action..

I know people have concerns about using tires for situations like this due to out gassing and leaching of toxic chemicals. Like anything in life, it all comes down to personal choice.

Personally we do use tires in our garden for potatoes and use glass to get the soil ready for planting early in the spring.

Solar tire cooker

If the thought concerns you, here is a commercial product that you can buy that will take all the worry out of it for you.

Solar oven

All American Sun Oven – World’s Best Solar Oven

Or you can use a pringles can to make the ultimate hot dog cooker. This is a fun little project to do with the kids, Solar rules!

Every little project adds up quickly to a self-sufficient life.