Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Tag: self sufficiency

Is A Paleo Based Diet A Pathway To Self Sufficiency?

My wife and I have made a concerted effort to start following a more healthy lifestyle and being able to align it with our long term goals of 80 to 90% self sufficiency. We have researched...

Ten Lessons For Living Off Grid

Ever since American author Henry David Thoreau wrote his timeless masterpiece Walden people have been trying to emulate the simple way of life that he documented. Esther Emery and Nick Fouch are two such people...

Charge Your Car Battery With A Chainsaw

Having a dead car battery is one of the worst feelings in the world, especially if you are in a remote location cutting firewood without any cell phone service. Well what if you could...
make rope from grassvideo

How To Make Rope From Grass

Learning how to make rope from grass is a fun little project to get the kids interested in bushcraft and outdoor activities. Indigenous people, woodsmen and hunters have used this rope making process for...

Calling All Homesteaders

Calling All Homesteaders! Alone recently wrapped up their first season on The History Channel. Some friends and I were discussing the show and what we would do different when one of my friends commented,...