DIY Mini Metal Foundry


The guys over at King Of Random released a short teaser video last week about a mini metal foundry that they had built. After patiently waiting; they finally released the full video a couple days ago. Now I want one!

Some tips from the producers.

[quote_box_center]- Soda cans work really well, however aluminum cans are one of the worst sources for aluminum to cast with, and some soda cans in other parts of the world are actually made with steel. The alloy was meant for extrusion, so is not the best for casting. They also produce more dross (slag) because the thin walls oxidize quickly and the plastic coatings on the cans add impurities. A better source of aluminum for casting would be cast aluminum items from thrift stores, like electric skillets or small engine blocks from lawnmower shops.

– The crucible I used was steel, but it’s important to note that steel can be soluble in molten aluminum. It’s possible that when you lift the crucible out of the foundry, the bottom can dissolve out and drop molten aluminum onto you feet and onto the ground. A good refractory crucible can be purchased for about $30 online.

– Lastly, casting over concrete poses a small risk of steam explosions. If molten aluminum falls to the ground, it can superheat the moisture in the concrete and cause it to spall (steam explosion) where the aluminum lands. This can potentially send hot concrete and molten aluminum spraying everywhere. When possible, melt and pour metal over sand to minimize risks.

Note: Wearing polyester gloves like the ones I had in the video is risky because the material can melt into your hands if you get splashed by hot aluminum. This can potentially leave burns where the metal lands, ringed by plastic burned into the skin.[/quote_box_center]

This is not a toy, melting metal can be very dangerous; always work safe and wear proper full body protection. Never melt near water, if water comes into contact with the boiling aluminium it can explode in your direction.

This is how fast it can happen.

Stay safe people!