Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Folding PVC Greenhouse

Building a PVC greenhouse is an inexpensive way for people with limited space and money to kick-start their garden this spring. It can also extend the harvest season by protecting cold sensitive plants and...

How To Tap A Maple Tree

Since syrup season is almost here now is the perfect time to learn how to tap a maple tree. Being able to make your own syrups is a great hobby and if done on...

DIY Strawberry Pallet Planter

For those with limited space for gardening, building raised beds can be an inexpensive method of maximizing the square footage of your yard. The strawberry pallet planter tutorial provided by Lovelygreens.com above is a simple...

Raised Bed Hoop Houses

When you start a garden this year, try and maximize the usage of your planting space by building projects that have dual purposes. One way of doing this is by using raised bed hoop houses which can replace the need...

Mypatriotsupply Seed Vault

One day someone asked me how much space you would need to plant a whole Mypatriotsupply seed vault using the square foot gardening method. It was an interesting question and one I had never...