How To Build A Pallet Potting Bench


When planning out your garden area this year don’t forget to set aside room for a potting bench. They are great for storage, help prevent back pain and keeps everything organized in one location. I know what you are thinking; more money out of pocket!

Luckily there are inexpensive options available for us DIY’ers out there. Since pallets can be found for free almost anywhere; the DIY Pallet Potting Bench project above is great way to build a low cost workspace for your backyard.

If you do decide to tackle this project, be sure to find pallets that are stamped HT for heat-treated; which is the method used to preserve the wood in the pallet. The other method is Methyl Bromide fumigation which creates a health risk and should not be used for projects or for firewood.

For those that have issues watching youtube videos; Woodworking For Mere Mortals provides a great PDF to use instead.

To see some more tips that include a sketchup file for the bench; click on the link below.

Make a rustic potting bench for your garden

If you build your own pallet potting bench this spring feel free to share your results with us; we love to see what others are doing!

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