Calling All Homesteaders


Calling All Homesteaders! Alone recently wrapped up their first season on The History Channel. Some friends and I were discussing the show and what we would do different when one of my friends commented, “When was the last time you were on an adventure? Every man needs an adventure.”

I worked that over in my mind for a couple days and decided heck with it, I will throw my hat into the ring. So I sent in a application and immediately received the following e-mail.

Hi There,

Thanks so much for reaching out and for taking an interest in our new series, Alone. Although we have completed our current casting period, we encourage you to fill out our online application! This application helps our casting team learn more about you and your survival experience.

Once we have an application on file, even if you’ve missed this casting window, we can keep you in our system for future seasons.

Best of Luck and thank you for watching the show!”

So I had totally forgot about it until a couple weeks later I received another e-mail.


Thanks for submitting to Alone! As you know, we have ended casting for Season 2. We are not sure when we will pick back up for Season 3, but will certainly keep your application on file and will let everyone know once we start back up!

In the meantime, I read your application and wanted to see if you would be interested in another series we are currently casting! We’re developing an exciting and authentic new project that explores off-grid groups and/or families. They’ll be put to the ultimate test to see how long they can last together using their self-reliance skills. I attached the flyer with more information. If you think it’s a good fit for you or someone you know, feel free to reach out to us! The best and quickest way to reach our team for this show is at

Thanks so much!

Personally it is not something we are interested in doing at this time but it might be the perfect opportunity for someone just starting out or looking for a change of scenery. Good luck if you apply and let us know how it goes!